Food & Drinks

The cuisine at Temakinho works with passion to discover the highest quality of raw materials.
Raw materials that Temakinho discovered with responsible and enthusiastic suppliers, farmers and fisherman who love and are dedicated to their job.

Our temakies are prepared right after your order by the chefs at Temakinho to guarantee the crispiness of the seaweed. The rice comes from controlled farming and its cooked daily. All the fish is rigorously fresh and slaughtered according to current standards in order to guarantee all the healthy properties and making it a meal suitable for everybody, including pregnant ladies.

Unquestionably, the queen of all drinks at Temakinho is the caipirinha which is prepared by our bartenders using the best Brazilian cachaças, sugar, lime and fresh fruit pulp.

Our bartenders at Temakinho believe that the secret of the quality in our caipirinha is an intangible element given by the saudade (nostalgia) and the cheerfulness that only the expert hands of a Brazilian hearted bartender can transfer into a cocktail.

At Temakinho energising, detoxing and beauty properties are included in our fresh fruit smoothies which are made by mixing tropical fruits.