NGO Il sorriso dei miei bimbi

Love generates love, joy generates joy and together love and joy have the power to make wonderful things.

Thanks to all the people that works at Temakinho, thanks to their love and joy for their job that managed to attract a great number of clients, and thanks to all the clients that everyday fill all the tables at our 4 restaurants, Temakinho, from October 2014, has finally started to support 2 important charity projects.

During a trip to Rio in August, researching new flavors and colors for our restaurants, we met Barbara Olivi that has been helping children in Rocinha for years through her NGO Il sorriso dei miei bimbi.

Rocinha with a population of over 200.000 people, is the biggest favela (slum) in Brazil and all of South America. Rocinha lacks the basic infrastructures of water, sewage system, lighting on the streets, schools, and healthcare…

Many families still live in worrying poverty circumstances, decay and social abandonment.The pacification program that has been ongoing in Brazil for the past year has reduced drug trafficking but raised police abuse and increased human rights violations.

The population inside the favela is very young and victim of prejudgments and social marginalization, reducing their perspectives for a future better life.

Young people are often victim of social depression.

Meeting Barbara and Rocinha for the first time has been an extremely sweet but also bitter (describing it with flavors) experience

We didn’t need much thought on it, from that first moment we knew we needed to do something for Brazil, a country of which melodies fulfill our restaurants everyday, the country of our tasty ingredients and of our dearest employees.

After a second meeting with Barbara and her husband Giulione at Temakinho Navigli this October, we’ve planned 2 wonderful and ambitious projects.