Kingfish supplier: Spencer Gulf

When it comes to sustainability, respecting the natural life-cycle of the sea is an essential part to bring environmental impact close to zero.
This is one of the main reasons why Temakinho chooses the Hiramasa Kingfish from Spencer Gulf, the first aquaculture company in the Southern hemisphere to be certified as sustainable by the internationally-recognized Friend of the Sea accreditation system.

Native to the cold, crystal-clear waters of Spencer Gulf in South Australia, Hiramasa Kingfish are locally fed year round in the clean, crisp Antarctic currents that flow from the Great Southern Ocean, ensuring a year-round harvest of consistently rich, sustainable Hiramasa Kingfish across every season.

Spencer Gulf not only champions world best practice in sustainability but intentionally exceeds regulations by the South Australian government, in order to ensure viable stocks for the future. By regularly fallowing the areas where pens are sited and keeping a strict limit over the amount of fish stocked, the local natural resources are not over-exploited and environmental impact is greatly reduced.

Spencer Gulf ability to deliver the highest quality grade of fish derives from the choice of sustainable aquaculture and it shows how choosing to follow an environmentally-responsible way of fish farming can be rewarding on both the short and long term, and how it beneficiates both the consumer and the company’s side.