The Garagem Culinario

Why not doing something related to cuisine? This project is wonderful because finally at Rocinha there will be a healthy place where young boys and girls (from 14 years onwards) can spend their time learning how to cook, do cooking workshops, have fun and get a taste of good life. 

  • The participants will have access to kitchen workshops and will be involved in the management of the literary cafe.
  • The bar will offer natural products with local and international recipes to improve the variety of choice in food and introduce the participants and other locals to healthy food.
  • The garage will host a centre of professional orientation and training with various workshops provided by other partner companies.
  • The project will have more than 110 participants yearly: – 10 will be interns at the literary cafe
  • 100 participants will take part in the professional orientation and will be attending workshops provided by other partner companies