Introducing Mais Amor Cachaça

Temakinho is proud to introduce Mais Amor Cachaça, our signature cachaça developed with Weber Haus distillery in the southernmost state of Brazil where subtropical weather and cold winters allow the sugar cane to mature naturally.

Mais Amor Cachaça has a silvery colour, a vibrant bouquet, deep yet smooth body and it’s produced using only natural ingredients.

The varieties of sugar cane used to produce Mais Amor Cachaça are selected according to the soil, handling and sweetness. The sugar cane is grown in the most eco-friendly way and harvested without burning the field, leaving the sugar cane in its most natural state.

Before the distillation process, the sugar canes’ tip and tail are completely removed thus, leaving the cane’s heart only. This systematic care allows us to make smaller batches ensuring a product of the highest quality.

In order to achieve a sour fermentation, the time between the cutting and the crushing of the cane is kept very short so that we are able to obtain a high quality cane broth.

When the sugar cane broth is at the right sweetness level, the fermentation process naturally occurs due to its organic components

Cachaça Mais Amor Silver then rests for one year in stainless steel tanks and it’s later bottled, labeled and made available exclusively at Temakinho’s restaurants in Milan, Rome, London, Ibiza and Formentera.