20th of May | Duo Maracangalha @ Temakinho Milan Magenta

Enjoy a unique culinary experience and immerse yourself into the sound of Brazil with the musical repertoire of Debora Dienstmann (voice and violin) and Paulo Zannol (guitar and voice).

Originally from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Debora and Paulo started Duo Maracangalha back in 2012.
Debora's voice and violin together with Paulo's guitar bring to life a repertoire that includes some of the most appreciated musical genres typical of Brazilian music: bossa nova, choro, MPB, samba, traditional folk music, all blended with jazz influences. Every performance becomes a journey across Brazil.

In Temakinho Magenta they perform in duo, or trio together with the percussions of resident artist Marquinho Baboo.

Debora Dienstmann - Voice and violin
Paulo Zannol - Guitar